Homeopathy cures brain tumour

homeopathy cure brain tumorThere is no disease that homeopathy cannot cure. Let us read about the case of Gemma Hoefkens, who was cured of brain tumour by homeopathy

A WOMAN who claims alternative medicine saved her life is campaigning for it to
be “taken more seriously” by the Government.

Gemma Hoefkens, 40, of Bewdley, says homeopathy helped her recover from inoperable brain tumours.

A petition signed by more than 25,000 people is being handed into the Houses of Parliament on February 24, calling for homeopathy to be used more by the NHS.

Ms Hoefkens, who runs a homeopathy practice in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, said: “The majority of patients with cancer and other chronic diseases suffer needlessly and many die at an early age. Having got a second chance at life, I feel duty bound, even passionate, to let others know that there are other choices.”

Ms Hoefkens is convinced homeopathy helped her beat cancer.

Ms Hoefkens set up her homeopathy business when she recovered from her illness and said she saw every day as “a blessing”.

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